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old dont use Ergonomic Chairs and Desks for Office Refits

What do we do?

For over ten years, Fluto has been working closely with businesses to help them create beautiful yet health-conscious workspaces for their employees.

We play a vital role in the office refurbishment process by sourcing and installing high quality, fully ergonomic desks and chairs that reduce the risk of aches, pains and injuries amongst staff.

We’re different from your average furniture consultants in that our team is comprised of physiotherapists with an unrivalled knowledge of ergonomics. We don’t just create environments that look great – using some of the most advanced office furniture available, and calling upon decades of combined experience as medical professionals, we develop solutions that will protect the wellness of your workers and enable them to work comfortably and productively in an environment they love.

How do we do it?

From drafting up the initial concept to delivering and installing your chairs and desks, we will manage every aspect of your office refit if you want us to.

Our service always starts with an initial consultation, during which we will look at the effectiveness of your current equipment. We’ll then suggest a range of products that will meet the needs of your staff and address the pain points of your wider workforce. We’ll even liaise with the other relevant organisations involved on your behalf, leaving you to concentrate on core business activities.

We offer a unique Chair Assist Programme, which is ideal for clients who want to find suitable ergonomic office chairs for their staff, but don’t necessarily know where to begin. Our team will work with you to find chairs that are both effective and affordable – and, unlike many other furniture fit-out companies, we’ll give employees the chance to trial their new equipment in situ before you commit to a purchase. This helps to instil confidence in your choices and encourages additional buy-in from your staff.

Our range of ergonomic office chairs and desks

At Fluto, we’re pleased to boast links with a huge range of office furniture suppliers, which means we have access to cutting edge equipment at some of the most competitive prices around. And because we know how to use these ergonomic desks and chairs to their best potential, we’ll make sure the products you eventually choose will complement your workspace and continue to meet the distinct requirements of your team.


Our aftercare solutions

Our involvement doesn’t have to end with the delivery of your new ergonomic office chairs and desks.

We also offer ongoing technical support to companies who have completed their office refit and want to ensure their staff are making the most of their equipment on a day to day basis. We can visit your premises to check in with your staff and help them adjust to a healthier, more supportive way of working.

Our support packages are always fully tailored to your needs and will be priced according to our level of involvement.

Contact Fluto now to discover how we can help you develop a stylish yet supportive office space with some of the most innovative ergonomic desks and chairs in the market.







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