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Ergonomic Workstations for High Risk Workplaces

In some high risk environments, employees are required to adopt working positions that are less than ideal. While we will never be able to eliminate the stress that certain roles and conditions will place on their bodies, ergonomically designed chairs, desks and workstations can go some way to alleviating discomfort and preventing injury.

Fluto sources and installs suitable ergonomic workstations for professionals who are either in high-risk roles, or who often find themselves in high risk or prolonged working positions. Whether we’re tasked with helping precision workers such as dentists and jewellers, or asked to find bespoke solutions for financial consultants with multiple monitors, we will use our proven medical expertise and vast market knowledge to source specialist workplace furniture that will deliver unrivalled comfort and support.

Full project management

Perhaps you need us to supply a handful of chairs for key staff members. Maybe you need us to source a large-scale workstation for an entire team. Regardless of your requirements, we can work to any level of involvement. Many of our high risk clients prefer to instruct us to manage the entire product selection and installation process so they can focus on other core areas of business.

Ongoing care and support

To make sure your staff are getting the most from their new chairs and desks, we offer a range of training and support solutions that can be tailored to the exact needs of your employees. Our market-leading aftercare service is just one of the many things that sets Fluto apart from other suppliers to high risk workplaces, and feedback from our clients has shown that having access to ongoing support gives staff the ability – and confidence – to use their new equipment to its full potential.

For more information on the range of specialist ergonomic chairs, desks and workstations we can provide to high risk workplaces, contact Fluto today.

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