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Education Sector Office Refits: Office Chairs and Desks

 Fluto first started working with schools and companies within the education sector over 10 years ago.

Since then, we have gained a wealth of experience in supplying ergonomic chairs, desks and workstations to these types of organisations, either to meet specific objectives or as part of a wider office refit.

We’ve seen first-hand just how the right ergonomic products can transform the working lives of many education professionals. Teachers, academics, technicians, administrative staff and students alike have all benefited from more supportive workstations, and managers have reported numerous advantages to investing in specialist ergonomic equipment, not least a significant reduction in sickness and injuries related to poor posture and overstrain.

How We Work

We firmly believe that, when it comes to supplying ergonomic equipment to the education sector, one size never fits all. During the initial consultation phase, we’ll carefully assess your team’s requirements so we can understand the physical and mental requirements of their roles, and how their size and stature are affecting their working habits.

Taking extra care during the preparation phase has always paid dividends in the past. Only after a thorough analysis can we recommend ergonomic products that are going to make a real difference within your school, college or education-based enterprise. Once we’ve settled on a way forward, we’ll use our extensive links within the education and furniture industry to source suitable chairs and desks that will greatly improve your working environment, at a cost that’s realistic for your business.

Our work doesn’t end with the delivery and installation of your chosen ergonomic equipment, either. We also offer comprehensive training services to help you make the most of your new investment. One of our healthcare professionals will arrange to visit your premises and teach your staff and students how to work with their new equipment to avoid unnecessary strains and reduce the risk of work-related injuries. Experience has taught us that providing this extra level of support to staff maximises engagement and encourages them to think more actively about how their own behaviours could be affecting their health and wellbeing.

For more information on how the right ergonomic products could enhance productivity within your education-focused company, contact Fluto today.

Case Study: University of East London

The Client

The University of East London (UEL) is a public university with campuses in Docklands, Stratford and University Square. The institution boasts over 17,000 students from 135 countries, and is ranked amongst the top universities in the capital for academic experience, student welfare and accommodation and facilities.

The Challenge

The university contacted Fluto because it was exploring ideas for a brand new contemporary workspace for administration staff in a specific academic department.

Despite space limitations, management were keen to create a healthy work environment to minimise the risk of work-related aches and strains amongst their team.

The Solution

After discussing a range of options with the university, we felt our ErgoFit Multi Chair would be the best fit for the client’s requirements, and we swiftly introduced this into the space. We also fitted a range of compact height-adjustable desks.

Our work didn’t end there, however. A key part of the solution included delivering an interactive training session to all staff, during which users were trained on how to use their new equipment by a team of specialist physiotherapists.

The Results

The new office environment was a resounding success, and the University of East London is pleased to report that 75% of staff are now regularly using a sit-stand setup.


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