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Finance Sector: Office Refits

Our team has consulted with many financial companies over the years, many of whom have been based in the heart of London’s financial district.

We’ve come to develop an in-depth understanding of the demands that are placed on financial teams. Employees within these kinds of organisations are often working long hours in highly demanding environments, and we’ve found that these people need to be receiving adequate support from their chairs, desks and workstations if they are to be as productive as possible. After all, they are the most valuable resource in the company; without them, operations would grind to a halt.

Financial sector employees will usually require multiple monitors in order to carry out their work effectively. They will also be largely office-based and will need to sit for long periods of time during intense periods of concentration. As a result, they need seating and desking requirements that not only look great, but that can keep up with their demands and provide adequate support, even with heavy use.

How We Work

We are highly focused on providing our financial services clients with the best value ergonomic products on the market.

We’ll work with you closely to ensure our recommendations are integrated seamlessly into your working environment. After we’ve absorbed the brief and put together a list of initial recommendations, we’ll often trial chairs and desks amongst your team before we settle on the right solution. This gives you a chance to find out which equipment works best for your employees (and makes them feel included in the purchasing process).

Working under pressure can create unhealthy work habits. This is why we also offer a unique intraining service, which will teach your team how to make the most of their new ergonomic equipment and introduce new habits that will reduce the risk of injury in the workplace and keep your staff working at their best.

Contact Fluto today to discover how we can implement a range of effective ergonomic solutions within your financial services company.


Case Study: Lansdowne Partners

The Client

Lansdowne Partners is one of the world’s leading investment management partnerships. Having been in business for over 20 years, the company has extensive experience in managing assets for a diverse client base that includes some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated investors.

The Challenge

Lansdowne Partners approached Fluto looking for seating recommendations. They were eager to upgrade the chairs used by their staff in the existing office, but were not sure which equipment would deliver the support they needed and deliver a strong return on their investment.

In the past, the company had purchased a mixture of standard mesh chairs and more specialist (and therefore more expensive) medical chairs for staff who complained of lower back pain. Management wanted to reduce the demand for the more specialist chairs in the longer term by ensuring all 80 of their staff had access to a better setup.

Cost was a key consideration here, too; the company wanted the best possible equipment at the lowest possible price.

The Solution

We allowed the staff to trial three different chair options – two ergonomic mesh chairs, and one ergonomic task chair – over the course of a three-month period. At the end of the experiment, the results split opinion, so the company decided to purchase a number of chairs from each range.

We also delivered training on how to use and adjust the chairs on a group and one-to-one basis.

The Results

The number of individuals requesting expensive ergonomic chairs to combat lower back pain has dropped to a record low, and we continue to accommodate orders for new starters.

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