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Ergonomic Equipment for the Healthcare Sector

Medical clinicians are under a great deal of pressure on a daily basis. Not only are they working hard to stay on top of their to-do list, they’re also likely to be placing an incredible strain on their bodies while they’re working with patients. 

Many tasks carried out by medical staff require a high degree of movement and flexibility. For example, dentists will often adopt unnatural positions during check-ups and surgeries; sonographers will frequently twist and turn to ensure their equipment is set up correctly and their patient is comfortable during the scan or ultrasound. Couple this with the long hours demanded by the medical profession, and it’s easy to see why many clinicians are complaining of aches and pains that have been brought on by their working habits and their wider working environment. 

How We Work

Fluto has over 10 years’ experience in sourcing and supplying quality ergonomic equipment to healthcare providers and their staff. And as clinicians ourselves, we have an even deeper understanding of the challenges faced by today’s medical workers – and how ergonomically designed workstations can be used to combat them.

We appreciate that our medical clients are looking for an effective solution at the lowest possible cost, and our links with major suppliers ensures we are able to keep our prices competitive. Where we can really add value to your experience, however, is during the initial consultation phase. We’ll take the time to listen to you and your staff, because we’ll want to create an accurate picture of the existing issues within your workspace. The information we collect at this stage will form the foundation of our strategy and will help us put together a list of suitable ergonomic equipment that will meet the everyday demands of your medical staff.

All of our ergonomic products are designed to change working behaviours and promote healthier, happier teams within your healthcare organisation. But if your staff are unsure how to use the equipment to its fullest potential, they are less likely to buy into them. This is why we also offer on-site training, which will provide you with added practical support and leave you and your staff feeling more confident in your purchases.

Get in touch with Fluto today to discuss your requirements in more detail. We are highly skilled at sourcing all kinds of ergonomic chairs, desks and workstations for healthcare providers, and we’re sure we’ll be able to find a product (or combination of products) that will work wonderfully within your office, practice or surgery.

Case Study: Great Ormond Street Hospital

The Client

Great Ormond Street Hospital is the country's leading centre for treating sick children and has the widest range of specialists under one roof. The hospital, which is located in Bloomsbury, London, receives over 250,000 outpatient visits and 40,000 inpatient visits every single year.

The Challenge

Management were concerned that staff within the audiology department were regularly seen in injury-risk positions during their consultations with children. They wanted to introduce a new mobile desk system for clinical staff in this part of the hospital.

The Solution

We carried out an initial survey, after which it became clear that staff were unable to comfortably reach the correct height for their audiology assessments. Whilst some were able to work safely, many were adapting high-risk flexed and rotated positions (and therefore placing strain on their spines) in order to complete their work.

Most height adjustable desks are designed for use with adults, so finding an extra-low height adjustable desk was challenging. In addition, our team needed to source equipment that was easily portable.

After an extensive search, we finally settled on a manual high low desk called the modular desk.

The Results

After some initial training, staff learned to use their new desks as a means of maintaining good posture during the day. These desks have now been introduced into new several other departments within Great Ormond Street Hospital.

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