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Office Refits: Ergonomic Equipment for Precision Workers

In our 10 years of trading, we’ve discovered that workstation ergonomics can greatly affect the physical and mental wellbeing of precision workers. That’s why we work diligently to ensure people in these demanding roles have access to best-in-class ergonomic equipment that will enhance their comfort, safety and overall wellbeing.

Anyone who regularly engages in detailed tasks – for example, watchmakers, furniture makers, jewellers, lab workers, artists and architects – is placing themselves at greater risk of injury if they are not getting the support they need from their chairs, desks and surrounding accessories. In fact, there’s a notoriously high incidence of musculoskeletal conditions amongst skilled workers who are required to sit in fixed, and often unnatural, positions for long periods of time.

How We Work

Fluto will source and install suitable ergonomic chairs, desks and accessories for your workforce.

To ensure we can supply ergonomic equipment that meets the needs of our precision work clients, our medically trained team will carry out a full assessment in order to understand the common movement patterns of employees. This early insight can then be used to shape a more comprehensive plan of action and help our specialists find sitting and standing solutions that will address all existing pain points.   

Typically, we will trial a range of ergonomic chairs, desks and workstations amongst your team of precision workers before settling on the products that we believe will deliver the best return on investment. This interim trial period gives employees the chance to get used to their new equipment and voice any concerns before you have committed to a purchase. If alterations need to be made, we’ll work with you closely to make sure all staff needs are met before the order is signed off.

And if you require ongoing training and support, rest assured that a member of the Fluto team will be happy to visit your premises and teach you and your precision workers how to use their new equipment to its fullest potential.

Get in touch with Fluto today to discuss your requirements in more detail and discover how our unique approach to ergonomics could transform your working environment.


Case Study: International Watchmaker

Fluto was called in to assist a high-end international watchmaking firm that was in the process of remodelling and refitting their new repair rooms.

The Challenge

The team required us to source new ergonomic chairs and desks that would be more comfortable and supportive for their staff. They had spent some researching watchmaker desks, but needed help choosing the right equipment.

After taking the time to observe the watchmakers at work, it became evident that the need to keep watch parts so close to the eyes was resulting in staff sustaining abnormal upper limb positions for long periods of time. It wasn’t surprising that most staff were reporting pain in their neck, back or shoulders!

The Solution

Because of the nature of the job, there was no way we could prevent staff from adopting high shoulder working positions. However, we were able to use specialist seats and workbenches to lessen the strain on their muscles and joints.

We introduced RH Logic 400 ergo chairs, which are renowned for their adaptability. The watchmakers were now able to tilt the chair into a wide range of positions.

Next, we installed bespoke watchmakers’ desks for staff in this department. Each desktop was built on an electric high/low frame, which ensured more support regardless of whether the worker was sitting or standing. We also installed adjustable upper limb support attachments to each workbench.

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