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Zento Smart XP ErgoChair (Code A102)

Zento Smart XP Ergo Chair

The Ergochair Zento Smart chair is a top quality ergonomic chair designed to help prevent musculoskeletal injuries. The unique feature of this chair is its extra wide range of adjustability, so it can be used with a large number of individuals of different sizes. In addition, the chair has a number of in-built features making it highly durable and suitable for 24-hour use.

Key Features

  • Adjustable seat height
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Adjustable backrest height
  • In built coccyx relief zone
  • Ergocore centre
  • Independent backrest angle adjustability
  • Inflatable lumbar support
  • Additional 3 degrees of forward tilt
  • Free float (rocking) mechanism
  • Optional adjustable armrests

Most Commonly Requested for:

  • General injury prevention
  • Disc bulges
  • RSI
  • Coccyx pain relief
  • Generalised low back pain

Key Measurements

  • Seat Width: 460 mm
  • Seat Depth: 460 – 510 mm
  • Seat Height: 480 – 610 mm
  • Backrest Width: 420 mm
  • Backrest Height: 570 – 640 mm


What is the Ergocore? The ergocore is an inflatable triple cell positioned in the seat pan. With three interlinking chambers, the ergocore will literally be able to react to the user’s body and act as a gentle damper. We have found that this can be very helpful for individuals with sciatica and sacroiliac joint issues.

Can I fit a neck rest to the chair? Yes, this chair can be fitted with a neck rest.

What is a tilt booster? The tilt booster provides a small amount of forward tilting on the seat pan which enables users to tilt their pelvis more anteriorly during sitting.

Can you adapt the seat pan and backrest on the Ergochair Zento Smart chair? No, it is not possible to adapt the seat pan and backrest on this chair. If you want this option, you would be better to consider a chair from the Adapt 600 range.

What is the weight limit? 100kg as standard.

Are there any advantages to having an independently adjustable backrest? Yes. The independent backrest on the Zento Smart Chair enables you to precisely control the angle of the backrest. This is most popular in individuals with disc herniations who can’t tolerate typical backrest positions.

Can I add armrests to this chair? Yes, you can add height adjustable arms or 3D armrests. These armrests are particularly helpful when the user is struggling to get close to the front of the desk because armrests are getting in the way.

I can see that this chair has a differently shaped backrest compared to the other chairs – is there any advantage to this? There is no research to prove the benefits of one backrest over another one. However, what is clear is that different individuals will have different preferences based on the spine shape. The Zento Smart Chair uses what is described as a neutral backrest, which means all the support angles are very subtle, which makes the backrest suitable for a wider range of individuals.

The user sits at a curved desk – should I still get armrests? It does depend on the angle of the curve but most curves will be shallow enough to accommodate armrests. However, we would highly recommend fully retractable armrests so that you can get as close to the curve as possible. In some instances, people will find that they prefer to sit right into the curve and use the desk to support their arms. This is acceptable for some people, but you need to ensure they are sitting at the right height in relation to the desk. For more advice on this, please contact us.

Will the chair accommodate scoliosis? This chair is not designed to have an adaptable backrest, so it is not the ideal choice for managing a scoliosis. Instead we would recommend an Adapt 600 chair,please contact the team to discuss the best way to adapt the backrest to fit the user.

Will it take long to get used to this type of chair? Normally it only takes 2-3 weeks for users to get used to the new chair. During this time, it is common for some people to get some low level aches and pains in the back and saddle area that normally dissipate quickly.


  • Back Height Adjustment: It is important to set the back height so the lumbar support fits really well into the lumbar spine, and the rest of the backrest fullly supports the upper part of the spine. The chair’s backrest can be raised into place by reaching back with your arms and lifting. To reset the height, you have to raise the backrest to the top of its range and let it drop back to the bottom where it will reengage with the ratchet mechanism.
  • Inflatable Lumbar Support: The inflatable support can really help give extra stabilisation to the lower part of the back, which in turn can facilitate a more upright sitting position. Adjustment is simple. You can inflate by pressing the inflation bulb located under the seat. To deflate, press the valve button attached to the bulb.
  • Arm Height: If you have height adjustable armrests, you can help support the arms by positioning the armrest directly under the flexed elbow (at 90 degrees). Simply depress the push button on the side of the armrest and raise/lower the armrest to the correct height.
  • Back Angle Adjustment: It is important to set the backrest so it feels supportive and also positions you upright so that you can work on the computer without craning your neck. Rotate the hand wheel at the back of the chair to adjust the angle of the backrest.
  • Seat Depth Adjustment: To make sitting comfortable on the legs, you need to ensure that the seat pan fully supports the thigh. The depth of the seat can be altered by pressing-in the handle located on the right-hand side of the seat and sliding the seat to preferred setting.
  • Tension Control: If you unlock your seat, you will be able to freely move the seat pan and backrest whilst remaining in a sitting position. To make sure the parts of the chair are easy to move, but still give you enough sitting support, you can adjust the tension control. Pull out the Tension Control Handle located on the right-hand side of the seat then turn the handle forward to increase tension and back to reduce tension.
  • Seat Height Adjustment: Ideally you want to adjust the seat so the underside of the forearms are level with the desktop when the elbows are bent at 90 degrees. Lift the lever located to the front right of the seat and apply or release pressure to the seat pad to achieve desired height (Adjustments should be made when sitting in the chair).
  • Tilt Booster: The seat pan is able to tilt forwards, which in turn will rotate the pelvis more anteriorly. Some people find this position helpful for back pain or for other issues such as pregnancy. To activate, ensure the Zento is in ‘float’ mode (lever up) and pull the boost button.

    No Risk Trial

    Our mission with fluto is to help ensure you get the right chair for your needs. This is why we offer a large number of our chairs on a no hassle two week trial. For logistical reasons this service is only available in some parts of the country and so if you would like to organise a trial please contact us for more information.You can complete the contact form or call 0203 051 0157 or email and a member of the team will be able to speak to you.

    Armrest & Neckrest Options

    Armrest Options

    For many people, armrests are very important for offloading the upper limbs and sometimes people have issues when they cannot get adequate upper limb support, because the armrest is not correctly positioned under the arm. This is normally because the armrest is too wide. Another common problem is that the armrest is not height adjustable and or retractable, and as a result, it is difficult for the user to get sufficiently close to the desk. We at Ergochair have developed a range of armrests that can be used for nearly every upper limb need. If you are not sure which armrests will best suit your needs, please contact us.

    HAA Armrest


    • Height adjustable – button adjustable
    • Width adjustable - handle adjustable


    • The arm pads will not move when you put weight on the
    • Height adjustability will enable you to optimise upper limb support for the appropriate desk height


    • Lack of rotation means that the armrest support will not directly follow the direction of the forearm during typing
    • You cannot retract the armrest to get closer to the desk

    Key Measurements:

    • Height range from seat pad 150-240mm
    • Pad width: 90mm
    • Pad length 240mm

    1234 Arm Rest


    • Height Adjustable – button adjustable
    • Width Adjustable - handle adjustable
    • Depth Adjustable – slide adjustable


    • Height adjustability will enable you to optimise upper limb support for the appropriate desk height
    • The arm pads can be retracted so you can get closer to the desk


    • Lack of rotation means that the armrest support will not directly follow the direction of the forearm during typing
    • Because the arms pads can slide back, they may move when you put weight on them

    Key Measurements:

    • Height range from seat pad 150-240mm
    • Pad width: 90mm
    • Pad length 250mm


    Neck Rest Options

    Z Smart:

    Description: The Z Smart is essentially a hybrid of a neck roll and a headrest. The support is flat enough to be used as a headrest, which is great for giving users feedback on the position of their head. Equally, however, it can be rotated into a highly supportive neck rest that can take some of the weight of the head.

    Key Measurements:

    • Height: 170mm
    • Width: 280mm

    Speak to an expert

    fluto is owned and run by Chartered Physiotherapists and Clinical Scientists. Our unique combination of expertise in physiotherapy, rehabilitation posture and ergonomics, combined with extensive industry experience enables us to help you find the most suitable Ergochair products for your needs. We have never and still don’t employ salesman so you can be assured that you only ever speak to an adapt chair expert with a wealth of experience in Ergochair prescription. To contact us right now please click here



    Gas Lifts

    Description: There are a range of different gas lifts which will dictate the seat height. When deciding on the gas lift, it is very important to consider the desk height so that the user can be raised high enough to ensure a level working surface. If the user is shorter than average, this may mean that their feet come off the floor, so they may need a footrest to bridge the gap.



    Description: Castors are not normally the first thing most people think about when selecting a chair, but it is well worth giving them some thought because they will directly influence how the chair will move around the environment.

    • 65mm Hard Floor Castors: Most customers will select standard hard floor castors when using the chair on stone, concrete, and tiled areas
    • 65mm Soft Floor Castors: These castors are best for slightly thicker carpets
    • 65mm Friction Unloaded Castors: If you have concerns about the chair rolling away when it is unloaded, you can use castors which will apply a small break when there is no weight on the chair
    • 65mm Friction Loaded Castors: If you are looking for there to be very little movement when sitting in the chair, the best option would be for friction loaded castors which will automatically brake when there is body weight on the chair
    • 65mm Lockable Castors: For total stability you can get castors which are lockable



    There are several BRADBURY fabric options. To see the Bradbury samples please visit Bradbury colours


    There are several CAMIRA fabric options. To see the CAMIRA samples please visit CAMIRA colours





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